Några tips om matchspel från "Mahboob Khan"

Nedanstående mycket bra tips (på engelska) kommer från signaturen "Mahboob Khan" skrivet i forumet "Talk Tennis Warehouse".
Well, to play matches one has to be sound technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. I would advise you this:

When you are serving:

When returning:

When both are rallying:

Match him stroke by stroke, deep to deep, until he misses, or you earn a short ball:

If he is bothering you with slices which you do not like:

Does he slice low balls? If yes, give him high balls. "Who is doing what to whom". Does he slice on short balls, keep your balls deep and so on. Give him something which he does not like.

Also observe his grips:

Control your own game so that you do not commit "process" mistakes